Justin Long says he's still the Mac guy

In a post to his Web site, actor Justin Long says he’s still the Mac in Apple’s television ads, despite a report last week to the contrary.

“As for the Mac commercials, I don’t know where that report came from that said I wasn’t going to do anymore - I [am] literally setting my alarm right now to wake up for a Mac shoot tomorrow,” he said in a post to his blog.

Radar , a magazine focused on media culture, last week reported that Apple had “ditched” Long, using a quote from a representative for Long to confirm the news. Long contradicts this on his blog.

“We’re doing some holiday spots now which I think will be pretty funny — not nearly funny enough to justifiy [sic] the money they’re paying me though, I’ll be honest with you,” he opined.

“I love John (the PC guy) and working with him is so effortless and fun that I definitely wouldn’t rule out doing some more — and, as I said, they pay us nicely,” Long said.

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