DiskWarrior 4 goes Universal

Alsoft has released DiskWarrior 4, the latest major release of its hard disk maintenance, repair and recovery software. It’s available for $99.95; upgrades cost $49.95.

DiskWarrior enables you to find missing documents and files; can rebuild hard disk drive directories and salvage files and folders; allows you to compare your disk before and after a recovery is done; and verifies your repaired directory to make sure it’s free of errors.

New in this release of DiskWarrior is Universal binary support for Intel and PowerPC-based Macs. It’s also significantly faster than before, according to Alsoft. DiskWarrior 4 now repairs invalid file permissions, and includes an additional suite of file and folder tests.

DiskWarrior 4 sports myriad other improvements, as well, including the ability to identify corrupted preferences (.plist files), detects and repairs more disk problems than previous versions, repairs and rebuilds FileVault-protected volumes, supports case-sensitive file names, repairs and rebuilds Attribute B-trees, repairs Access Control Lists (ACLs) and more.

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