Access charges Palm $44 million for Palm OS license

Access Co. Ltd., the Japanese company that purchased PalmSource last year, has sold a perpetual license for the Palm OS to PDA-maker Palm for $44 million, the companies said Wednesday.

The nonexclusive source code license allows Palm to modify the code base of Palm OS Garnet for use in any of its devices, including the Palm Treo family of smart phones, as well as other handhelds, Access said. The agreement also gives Palm the right to use the Palm OS Garnet in whole or in part in any Palm product, including alongside other system technologies.

The agreement comes just over a year after Access bought PalmSource for about $324.3 million. PalmSource was originally the software division of Palm, and was spun off in October, 2003.

This story, "Access charges Palm $44 million for Palm OS license" was originally published by PCWorld.

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