NewerTech miniStack goes quieter

Newer Technology on Tuesday announced that it has reengineered for quiet operation its miniStack V2 combo hard drive and FireWire/USB port expander.

The miniStack V2 shares the same dimensions as Apple’s Mac mini — it measures 6.5 inches on a side and 1.5 inches tall. It features three USB 2.0 ports (plus an uplink port) and two FireWire 400 ports (plus an uplink port). Inside is a hard drive mechanism with up to 750GB of storage. Newer bundles EMC Retrospect backup software and Intech HD Speedtools software with the drive as well.

Newer Technology has redesigned the device with “intelligent cooling” and more efficient hard drive mechanisms to achieve quieter operation. The miniStack V2 also uses a passive heat sink that radiates heat away from the hard drive.

This story, "NewerTech miniStack goes quieter" was originally published by PCWorld.

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