Duo Hang With Mi hangs mini, hard drive

Macessity on Tuesday introduced the Duo Hang With Mi, a $34.99 aluminum apparatus that enables you to hang a Mac mini and a Mac mini-sized hard disk drive underneath a desk or shelf.

The Duo Hang With Mi also features a built-in self-powered USB 2.0 hub with four ports, to connect other external peripherals. The hub is mounted on the front of the Duo Hang With Mi.

The device’s designers figure it’s a good match for people who are using their Mac mini as digital audio or video jukebox for their home entertainment center; the Duo Hang With Me can be mounted inside of an entertainment center cabinet. Alternately, it can also be mounted under a desk for people with limited amounts of desk space.

It includes a power adapter, a custom-sized USB cable, four mounting screws and a mounting template.

This story, "Duo Hang With Mi hangs mini, hard drive" was originally published by PCWorld.

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