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What's next

Illustrations by Oliver Wolfson.

We don’t usually talk about the future in Macworld . Our main concern is about buying and using Mac stuff in the here and now. Given Apple’s penchant for secrecy, speculating on the company’s future releases is best left to the breathless ether of the blogosphere.

But that doesn’t mean you, as a sober, responsible Mac buyer, shouldn’t think about the future. There’s the perennial question of “Should I buy now or should I wait?” There’s the tricky business of weighing what you have now against what you’ll need next year.

That’s why we assembled this guide. We asked Macworld ’s editors, contributors, and readers to consider the technologies, products, and services that are going to have the biggest real-world impact on Mac buyers in 2007. They came up with the following list of ten trends. Your life may not be changed by all of them. But chances are that at least a couple will change the way you use and buy Mac products in the next 12 months.

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