Expo: Geophoto displays photos by location

Ovolab on Tuesday introduced Geophoto, a new Mac OS X application that displays pictures on a three-dimensional representation of the Earth, showing you where the pictures were taken. It’s coming in February, 2007 and costs $39.95.

Geophoto lets you click an drag pictures to a specific location on the globe to “geotag” them. The pictures can be shared with other users, and will automatically appear in the correct location on the Earth when opened in Geophoto.

Geophoto works with iPhoto and can browse photos on the Flickr photo sharing service. What’s more, the software isn’t limited specifically to photos — it works with contact info, hyperlinks or any other kind of file.

Geophoto also supports 3Dconnexion’s Space Navigator, a 3D input device, and can read Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) geographical information stored inside digital photos created using GPS-equipped cameras.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.4 or later and 64MB or more VRAM; Geophoto is a Universal binary.

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