E.E.S. previews updated business operations software

A forthcoming update to E.E.S. Companies’ business software, POS/OE 4, promises a number of enhancements, including an interface for smartphones and wireless PDAs, improved e-commerce options, and an upgraded database engine. E.E.S. is showing off version 8 of POS/OE 4 at this week’s Macworld Expo; the new version, currently being beta tested, is slated to ship at the end of the January.

POS/OE 4’s Mobility Interface will let smartphone and wireless PDA users connect to their office to look up critical data such as customer contact information or sales figures. In version 8, remote users would also be able to update contact info or access sales orders.

E-commerce improvements included enhanced credit card processing as well as the addition of debit card processing. E.E.S. is also offering a more cost-effective Live Links solution that lets users’ Web stores communicate with their POS/OE 4 systems to perform tasks such as stock checks. A new SimbaWeb Live Link interface makes setting up and maintaining an online store more streamlined.

POS/OE 4 also adds an Inventory Matrix option in version eight. The Inventory Matrix lets users track similar inventory items that are differentiated by things such as size, width, height, or color—think clothing.

A complete list of features in the upcoming version 8 release of POS/OE 4 is available at E.E.S’s Web site

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