NAMM: Gibson releases 500GB drive, HDMI cable, DVD Recorder

While you would expect a company like Gibson to announce nothing but new guitars, the company is expanding its reach into the digital realm and announcing several new products.

In addition to the Signature Series Les Paul 1.0GB Flash Drives, Gibson has released the Gibson External USB 2.0 500GB Hard Drive, the Gibson Pure Gold Digital Audio Fiber Optic Cable, the Gibson Pure Gold USB Cable, Gibson Pure Gold HDMI Cable, Gibson Pure DVD-R & DL Media, Gibson Pure CD-R Media, Gibson Pure Gold External USB 2.0 Triple Format DVD Recorder, Gibson Pure Surge Protectors 10 Outlet and the Gibson Pure Surge Protector 4 Outlet.

Details on each of the products can be found on the Gibson Consumer electronics Web site.

This story, "NAMM: Gibson releases 500GB drive, HDMI cable, DVD Recorder" was originally published by PCWorld.

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