iChatUSBCam extends Mac webcam support

Ecamm Network on Monday released an updated version of iChatUSBCam, their video conferencing software that enables Mac to work with USB webcams. It costs $9.95, and updates are free. A demo is available.

iChatUSBCam is an add-on for iChat AV that enables your Mac to support USB-based webcams in addition to the iSight or other DV cameras. It also works on Macs that would otherwise fall below Apple’s system requirements for video conferencing with iChat AV.

The new 2.2 release adds support for many new Logitech USB webcams. Support for video devices with multiple inputs has been added, and Italian and Swedish localization is new. other fixes and enhancements have also been made.

A list of supported cameras is online.

System requirements call for iChat AV 2.0 or later, a USB webcam or other video source, and PowerPC or Intel processor.

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