Redline racing game gets 'strict simulation' mode

Ambrosia Software has announced the release of Redline 1.0.3, an update to its auto racing game for Mac OS X. A free update for registered users, Redline costs $25.

Redline is a 3D racing game that lets you take to the auto racing circuit in a variety of different styles of cars — everything from compact front wheel drive cars to rear wheel drive muscle cars, exotic sports cars and more. The game features statistical recording, network play, new unlockable vehicles and more.

New to the 1.0.3 release is an optional “strict simulation” mode that discourages users from crashing into walls (a braking maneuver for less coordinated Redline drivers); an option to reset players to the correct direction if they go the wrong way; improved multiplayer reliability; alphabetical ordering of cars and tracks; and other bug fixes and enhancements.

Ambrosia Software recommends that all Redline users update to the newest version, as this revision breaks online compatibility with its predecessors.

Redline 1.0.3 requires Mac OS X v10.2 or later. It’s a Universal binary.

This story, "Redline racing game gets 'strict simulation' mode" was originally published by PCWorld.

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