iSCSI Initiator available for free

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) has released its globalSAN iSCSI Initiator for Mac OS X for free. It’s available for download.

iSCSI is a network protocol designed to link storage devices over a network — SCSI commands are carried over TCP/IP-based networks. SNS claims that when iSCSI is deployed over a Gigabit or 10 Gigabit Ethernet network an iSCSI-based Storage Area Network (SAN) can achieve results similar to a Fibre Channel SAN at less cost. Such systems are frequently used in digital video and other applications where high-speed shared storage is a must.

The initiator is a software application required by each computer, used to access the networked iSCSI storage system.

“Although an initiator is freely available for most major operating systems, an iSCSI initiator is not shipped with Apple’s Mac OS X,” said SNS in a statement.

There are no limits, timing restrictions or feature locks on the software. SNS said it’s releasing the initiator for any Mac user who wants to take advantage of iSCSI.

SNS’s other products include globalSAN systems — Ethernet-based shared storage that fits into a standard rack mount and can accommodate from four to 24 500GB SATA hard disk drive mechanisms.

The version 3.0 release is a Universal binary that runs natively on Intel and PowerPC-based Macs. It includes support for the authentication system CHAP, persistent targets, SLPv2 and multiple connections per session.

This story, "iSCSI Initiator available for free" was originally published by PCWorld.

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