New life for old Macs

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New life for old Macs


If you’ve made the switch to an Intel-based Mac, the skeleton in your closet might be an old PowerBook. Or perhaps it’s an original flat-panel iMac gathering dust behind your skis. Buying a new computer typically leads to a dilemma many consumers don’t think about ahead of time: What to do with the old one?

Well, you may find that it has some life in it yet. There are plenty of useful ways to put an old Mac to work around the house. We’ll show you four simple projects that can turn an old PowerPC Mac into a useful member of your household.

And even if it is time to unplug your Mac for good, remember that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. From charities to eBay, you’ve got plenty of options for disposing of your Mac—and none of them involves the back of the closet.

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