DAZ|Studio exports 3D to Photoshop CS3

DAZ 3D has announced the release of DAZ|Studio 1.5, a new version of its free 3D figure posing and animation software for the Mac and PC. New in this release is a U3D content exporter that enables you to ready 3D content for use in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

System requirements call for PowerPC or Intel-based Mac 700MHz or faster, 256MB RAM, 50MB hard disk space, OpenGL-compatible graphics and Mac OS X v10.3 or later.

DAZ|Studio lets you work with “virtual objects” to create 3D art and animation — virtual people, props, animals, vehicles, buildings and more. Double-clicking on the scene thumbnails enables you to view a scene as it’s already made.

Photoshop CS3 introduces integration with 3D models, and with the free US3 content exporter available with DAZ|Studio 1.5, you can ready that DAZ|Studio content for use with Photoshop as well. DAZ|Studio includes three pre-configured 3D scenes. In order to get the software you’ll need to register on the DAZ Web site.

DAZ|Studio works with Mac OS X v10.3 or later and is a Universal binary.

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