Belkin offers universal Nostromo gamepad software

Belkin’s Nostromo SpeedPad n50 and n52 aren’t traditional game pads, but they’re something that a small niche of Mac and PC gamers alike have grown to love, as the devices give them quick control for their favorite games. Now Belkin has released a Universal binary version of the controller software, restoring compatibility with Intel-based Macs.

The SpeedPad is designed to be a alternative to using a regular keyboard in first person shooters, real time strategy games, and other games that depend on quick reflexes and accurate keystrokes in order to be successful. A USB peripheral, the SpeedPad provides a compact set of keys, directional pad and fire button you can rest your non-mousing hand on during your gaming sessions. Belkin’s Nostromo Array software lets you configure the device to emulate keystrokes in your favorite games.

The Nostromo SpeedPad — available in n50 and n52 variants — debuted long before Intel Macs did: We reviewed the n52 back in 2004. Apple debuted Intel Macs in 2006. The Nostromo driver software, which depends on low-level interaction with the system in order to operate, didn’t make the intel transition. At last, this new release remedies that problem.

The version number is 1.2 rc 2, which suggests that this is a “release candidate” version — a version late enough in development that the creator considers it ready for release.

This story, "Belkin offers universal Nostromo gamepad software" was originally published by PCWorld.

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