Aspyr working on Mac Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Aspyr Media on Monday confirmed they’re working on a Macintosh conversion of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, an upcoming first person shooter based in the Quake universe. More details are expected to be released in the coming weeks.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is an upcoming first person shooter developed by Splash Damage, coming to the PC from Activision. Using assets and technology developed by Id Software, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is described as “an objective-driven, class-based first person shooter,” an online strategy shooter as opposed to a simple free-for-all where your goal is to shoot everything on the screen.

Paul Wedgewood of Splash Damage let a bit about the Mac version slip during an online Q&A session posted to Planet Quake. When asked about presumptive Mac and Linux versions, he said that Splash Damage doesn’t yet have a date, but that “Aspyr has started working on the OS X version of the game and they have it running already.”

Wedgewood indicated that Id Software’s Timothee Besset’s work on the Linux version has carried over to the Mac OS X release, as well.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars features two different playable armies with distinct technology, abilities, weapons, vehicles and structures. Players focus on capturing enemy territory, building and destroying objectives, and combining strategic thinking with fast-paced action.

Each player assumes a different role within the squad, depending on which army you play as — the human Global Defense Force (GDC) or the alien Strogg. Roles range from infantry to medics, field ops to covert ops and engineers as humans, aggressors, oppressors, technicians, infiltrators and constructors as the Strogg.

Players don’t just go toe-to-toe: You can also drive land, sea and air vehicles, each with multiple combat positions (so you can have a driver, gunner, passenger and in some cases commander all in a single vehicle).

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars uses an enhanced version of the same game engine that powers Doom 3 — “megatexture technology” which lets maps use terrain tiles that aren’t repeated, without fogging; self-shadowing, High Dynamic Range-style “blooming” light effects, weather effects and more.

If Enemy Territory: Quake Wars sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the spiritual predecessor to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a free standalone game based on Return to Castle Wolfenstein, another game brought to the Mac by Aspyr Media.

Aspyr expects to offer more details about their efforts once Activision and Id offer more release details.

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