Dymo offers 5 lb. USB digital postage scale

If you’re already using one of Dymo’s digital label makers to print out postage for your U.S. Postal Service correspondence, you may be interested in a new companion product, the Dymo USB Postal Scale. It costs $74.99.

The device connects to an open USB port on a Mac or Windows-based computer, and works in cooperation with the Dymo Stamps software. It can weigh parcels up to five pounds (weighing either in ounces or grams).

Dymo Stamps, in conjunction with the Endicia digital postage service, enables you to print out valid US postage using specially equipped labels that work with Dymo’s line of label printers.

Clicking on the “Weight” button in the Dymo Stamps software will trigger the USB Postal Scale to send its weight information directly into the software; that way you can print out precisely how much postage you need.

The USB Postal Scale uses USB 2.0 and a 9-volt alkaline battery. It’s Mac and PC-compatible. It’s designed to work in conjunction with Dymo’s LabelWriter 400 Turbo, LabelWriter Twin Turbo or LabelWriter Duo printers.

This story, "Dymo offers 5 lb. USB digital postage scale" was originally published by PCWorld.

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