Mozy offers unlimited online backup

Berkeley Data Systems on Thursday announced the public beta release of Mac Mozy, an online backup service for the Macintosh. The service, which incurs a $4.95 monthly service fee, enables Mac users to back up all of their digital media online — photos, music, videos and more.

Mac Mozy leverages Tiger’s Spotlight search technology to help you find the types of files you want to back up. A downloadable client application runs in the background, uploading the files you want to archive automatically.

Mozy features two levels of encryption, incremental backup support and block-level differentials, so subsequent backups are faster than the initial backup. The servers will maintain the most recent version of a file along with 30 days’ worth of previously backed up versions, so you can retrieve files or specific versions of files if you need to.

Mozy also lets you retrieve files by donwloading them, or in the event of a major recovery, on DVD through a next-day delivery service.

This story, "Mozy offers unlimited online backup" was originally published by PCWorld.

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