Portable eSATA RAID enclosure holds five drives

WiebeTech on Thursday introduced the RT5e eSATA RAID, an enclosure designed to work as a portable RAID array connecting to a Mac or PC using external Serial ATA (eSATA). It’s priced starting at $1,699.95 for an empty enclosure.

The enclosure works with any five IDE hard disk drives with individual capacities up to 750GB, for total capacity of up to 3.75 terabytes (TB). It features five removable and lockable trays, and features a built-in RAID controller that works with RAID levels 0, 0+1, 3 and 5 (including hot spare options).

A handle on the top makes it easy to carry, and it features a button-based interface on the front. The enclosure is made of aluminum and steel. While the RT5 uses FireWire and USB, the RT5e connects using eSATA, a faster interface available to Mac Pro and Power Mac G5 owners using a third-party expansion card.

WiebeTech also sells the RT5e populated with five 250GB, 500GB and 750GB drives for $2,259.95, $2,889.95 qnd $4,149.95 respectively.

This story, "Portable eSATA RAID enclosure holds five drives" was originally published by PCWorld.

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