Xserve Lights Out Management update boosts security

Apple has released Xserve Lights-Out Management Firmware Update 1.0, an update for the Intel-based Xserve. It’s available for download from Apple’s Web site.

The update includes changes to the “Lights-Out Management” environment of Apple’s Intel-based Xserve server system. A security problem has been addressed, and the update provides enhancements reliability to monitoring and management features of the Xserve. Apple recommends the update for all Intel-based Xserve systems.

The security improvement addresses a vulnerability that’s been discovered in Apple’s implementation of Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) — technology used to monitor system health. The security update now requires users to enter a password for remote usage of IPMI. This issue only affects Intel-based Xserves.

This story, "Xserve Lights Out Management update boosts security" was originally published by PCWorld.

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