Macworld's Summer Travel Guide

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Macworld's Summer Travel Guide

If the rising mercury has you dreaming of exotic drinks on a distant beach, perhaps it’s time to trade in the ol’ cubicle for an oceanside cabana. But going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to leave your technology at home. A few travel-worthy gadgets could be just what you need to get more fun out of your next trip.

We’ve pulled together a guide to the best portable gear and Web resources for on-the-go Mac users. Find out how to make your next flight feel like a first-class affair, which gadgets will best tolerate water and sand, how to turn your iPod into your personal travel guide, how to stay in touch with friends and family back home without paying sky-high rates, and more.

Wherever your summer travels take you, our guide can make the journey a little smoother. Bon voyage!

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