WWDC: Id Software developers 'made the Mac switch'

Id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead revealed recently that his company was working on an all-new franchise powered by an all-new engine, the development of which would be headed up by gaming guru John Carmack. The company opened the box on that brand new franchise, the engine of which was presented on Monday at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Called id Tech 5, id Software hopes that it will introduce new meaning to the term “scope.” The engine “will power games that contain vast outdoor landscapes that are completely unique to the horizon, yet have indoor environments with unprecedented artistic detail,” the company said in a statement.

Given that the engine debuted at an Apple conference, it came as no surprise that the engine would be demonstrated in real time on a Mac. What surprised conference-goers, however, was the fact that a number of developers within the company seem to have “gone Mac”, and will, perhaps, “never go back.”

“Since many developers at id have made the switch to the Mac for their personal use, we decided it was now time to bring our core game technology to OS X,” stated Carmack during his demonstration, adding that “the latest Macs are the fastest systems in [their] offices” during certain processing tasks.

However, the company also said id tech 5 would support PCs, PlayStation 3s, and Xbox 360s.

Id also plans to present the engine to captive audiences at the E3 Media & Business Summit this July.

This story, "WWDC: Id Software developers 'made the Mac switch'" was originally published by PCWorld.

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