RSS feeds for the creative Mac user

With all the fantastic sites for creatives and Mac users out there, it can be overwhelming, if not just plain difficult, to keep up with the latest news, tips and more, especially if you’re using your Web browser.

The answer to this problem is RSS.

RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a great way to make your online reading easy, fast and exciting because it allows you to “collect” all the latest headlines from your favorite blogs, news sites and more into one easy to browse through location. All you need is an RSS reader. I recommend NetNewsWire, but you might also want to look at NewsFire, NewsLife, Vienna or Shrook.

There are a ton of great feeds I could direct you to, but I decided to offer a list of the key feeds I subscribe to and read on a regular basis. Since some of these sites might not be familiar to you, clicking on the site name will take directly to the site; if you click on the RSS icon, it will open the feed in your news reader (Safari is the default for OS X, unless you change it in Safari’s preferences). If you want to open the entire list in a program like NetNewsWire or NewsFire, you can download the .opml file or a text file of all the feed links (Control-click on the link and select “Download linked file” from the pop-up menu). We have also uploaded a .zip file of the RSS feeds as Web location (.webloc) files, which you can open directly or drag into your Bookmarks window in Safari.

General creative sites

  GraphicDefine — Tips for graphics, Web and interactive designers.
  CreativeBits — Creative community for Mac OS X users.
  CopyBlogger — Tips for improving your writing skills online and in print.
  BrandNew — Discussion and opinion on brand identity.
  Digital Photography School — Tips for digital photographers.
  Be A Design Group — General design commentary.
  DesignObserver — General design commentary.
  NotCot — Design inspiration through imagery.
  Rookie Designer — Tips, tricks and discussion for the “not-so-accomplished” designer.
  Designers Who Blog — Find out who your competition is.


Vendor- and application-specific sites

  Manage This: The Extensis Blog — Font commentary from the industry leader in font management.
  InDesign Secrets — Tips, tricks and more for all things InDesign.
  Adobe Blogs — Headlines from all the Adobe corporate blogs.
  PixelGroovy — Tutorials for various design-related apps.
  Creative Guy — My site, which is dedicated to tips, tricks and more for Adobe applications & OS X.
  Pixel2Life — Tutorials for … well, everything you can think of, for tons of apps.
  Photoshop Support Blog — All things Photoshop.
  Real World Illustrator — For all your Adobe Illustrator news, tips and commentary.
  Layers Magazine Tip of the Day — Tips & tricks for InDesign & Illustrator.


Mac-specific sites

  Tips For Mac — A new Mac tip each day.
  MacApper — Great reviews of Mac apps.
  The Apple Blog — General Mac commentary.
  Creative Notes — You’re reading it now, why not subscribe to the feed.
  The Unofficial Apple Weblog — All things Mac.
  OS X Support Topics — The latest topics from Apple’s own OSX support forums.
  Tidbits — News from around the Mac Web, by one of the longest-running Mac sites.



  Daring Fireball — Mac and design commentary from one of the best.
  Smashing Magazine — A little bit of everything - you just gotta check it out.

If you have a favorite RSS feed, please share it in the comments—one can never have too many!

[As noted above, James Dempsey runs the Creative Guy blog, which offers tips, tricks and opinion on a variety of design topics.] [Updated 23:30, June 21, to add link for Safari feed file.]

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