Tech Trends: Web creators

Seems those Get A Mac commercials are on to something. A new Forrester report divides the U.S. online population into six groups according to their social participation on the Web.

More than one-fifth of those classified as Creators—those who blog, publish Web sites, upload videos, or participate in other content creation activities—own Macs, while only 12 percent own Dell computers.

The majority of Spectators (they read blogs, watch videos, and listen to podcasts) own Macs while the majority of Inactives (they don’t participate online) own Dells.

Here are the complete results of the Forrester report.

Social Participation on the Web

Social Group Description Apple Dell
Creators Blog, publish Web pages, upload videos 21% 12%
Critics Comment on blogs, post ratings and reviews 25% 19%
Collectors Use RSS, tag Web pages 24% 14%
Joiners Use social networking sites 26% 19%
Spectators Read blogs, watch video, listen to podcasts 55% 30%
Inactives Don't participate online 34% 54%

Source: Forrester

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