Jax extends iTunes, Apple TV

JoeSoft on Tuesday announced the release of Jax, a new Mc OS X software application that is designed to complement iTunes and iTunes-compatible devices, including the Apple TV, iPod and iPhone. A free trial is available; Jax costs $49.95 to register.

Jax lets you load YouTube videos into iTunes so you can watch them on your iPod or through your Apple TV. It also features a “Music Map” capability that will help you locate information about your favorite musicians. Jax can also find album art, including international album covers, and includes new visualizers. It can help find lyrics to popular songs.

Jax offers non-music features as well — point-to-point directions, weather forecasts, stock quotes, movie listings and gas prices. It can read news feeds, check your e-mail and view documents, and convert them to MP3 files so you can hear them on your iPod.

Jax also sports a plug-in architecture to support new capabilities; “dozens of new Jax are on the way,” according to the developer.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.4 or later and iTunes 6.4 or later. Jax is a Universal binary.

This story, "Jax extends iTunes, Apple TV" was originally published by PCWorld.

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