ADmitMac for CAC improves standards compliance

Thursby Software Systems has released ADmitMac for CAC v1.1, an update to its Mac security software for Department of Defense (DOD) Common Access Cards (CACs). A free update for registered users, ADmitMac for CAC costs $199 per seat (volume pricing is available).

ADmitMac lets Macs more easily work in Microsoft-centric enterprise networking environments where Active Directory is used, and it offers key advantages over Apple’s own implementation built in to Mac OS X v10.4. CACs are used by defense contractors and in U.S. Department of Defense facilities to provide centralized network authorization. ADmitMac for CAC enables Macs working in such facilities to more easily integrate with those systems.

New features in the 1.1 release include a mail proxy for Exchange and Entourage users that lets users without passwords to access their Exchange account. Users can now prevent their identity certificate from being used by applications, and a new alternative to the “sudo” command is provided. CAC certificates are now automatically published to Active Directory when a user logs in. Many other changes have also been made.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.3 or later.

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