MacPractice offers text, e-mail, voice messaging

MacPractice has announced that its practice management software for Mac-using doctors, dentists, chiropractors and optometrists is now available with a “Communications Service” that adds text, e-mail and voice messaging capabilities.

The new service lets medical practices using MacPractice use their software to confirm appointments with patients by text message or e-ail, with an option to include a voice message in an e-mail. Patients can also be called from outside the office using a pre-recorded reminder. Patients get the option of recording a message that can be e-mailed back to the office or transfer to the office to speak with the receptionist.

The new MacPractice Communications Service offers users a personalized Web account to oversee call delivery. It provides daily call reports. The service can also be used for marketing and sales activities, reports MacPractice.

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