Musika iPod game released on iTunes Store

Sony BMG’s first game for the iPod, Musika, is now available for purchase and download from the iTunes Store. It costs $4.99.

Part music visualizer, part game, Musika uses the music from your own library. Letters appear on screen using a wide variety of visual effects, and as they coalesce, you recognize them. If the letter is in the song title you’re listening, hit the center button.

Faster reactions earn you more points and special icons can be hit for bonus effects. You don’t even need to play it as a game — if you prefer, you can just enjoy the visuals.

Like other premium games available for download from the iTunes Store, Musika requires a fifth-generation iPod equipped with iPod Software 1.2 or later. This will not work on other iPod models or the iPhone.

This story, "Musika iPod game released on iTunes Store" was originally published by PCWorld.

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