Iris iPod Dock features video upconversion

UK home theater equipment maker Meridian Audio has announced the Iris Universal Dock for iPod. The device charges the iPod’s batteries and enables you to integrate the iPod into a home theater system, with output for audio and video. But unlike other iPod home entertainment docks, the Iris Universal Dock features video up-conversion processing. It costs $379 and will be released in November.

The Iris utilized Marvell’s Qdeo digital processing engine to manage upscaled and upconverted video up to full HD format 1080p mode. The device sports High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and component video output (for 720p support). Qdeo DSP technology provides motion-adaptive video processing that corrects both color and contrast losses, according to Meridian.

The device features a standard 30-pin dock connector that accepts any current or recent iPod model. In addition to HDMI and component video, its backplane sports composite and S-Video outputs, coaxial and optical digital audio and headphone and line-level analog audio outputs. An HDMI input is also used to accept input from game consoles or DVD players, and a source select button lets you switch between the docked iPod and an external device. A second button lets you select video format and aspect ratio, and a third synchronizes the iPod with a Mac or PC using a USB interface.

Meridian Audio also provides a wireless remote controller that lets you command the iPod and the Iris — iPod menus are displayed on screen.

Meridian Audio’s Web site had not been updated with information about the Iris as Playlist posted this article.

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