The iPod study buddy

Five great courses

Wish you had paid more attention when you were in school? Visit the iTunes Store and check out these podcasts of some popular college classes.

Astro C10: Introduction to General Astronomy: If you’re interested in the universe, start with this University of California, Berkeley, course.

Ask a Biologist: From Arizona State University, this podcast features Dr. Biology interviewing different scientists to learn about the living world.

Electricity & Magnetism: This MIT video series introduces you to the world of electromagnetism, and how it drives both everyday devices and not-so-everyday events.

History 7B: From the Civil War to the Present: Gain a new perspective on this period in U.S. history, courtesy of the University of California, Berkeley.

Elementary Greek: This Concordia Seminary course helps you learn Greek, complete with proper pronunciation.

[ Derik DeLong is a recent college graduate and a co-editor and writer for ]

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