Guitar Hero III is Mac-bound, via Aspyr

Aspyr Media announced Tuesday that it is working on a Macintosh version of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. It’s also developing a PC version of the game. The company aims to ship the Mac and PC versions of Guitar Hero III within a few weeks of game’s console versions, which are expected to be released in October.

Developed by Neversoft Entertainment and published for other platforms by Activision, Guitar Hero III is the latest edition of the game that puts you on stage as a rock and roll hero. It’s a music video game that comes bundled with a USB peripheral that looks like a real Gibson guitar (only somewhat smaller).

On the guitar’s neck are several colored keys, on its body is a flipper-style switch and “whammy” bar. You have to coordinate your movements on the guitar with what’s happening on screen, and the closer you time your moves with the parade of colors and symbols on screen, the higher your score.

Guitar Hero III uses a soundtrack of well-known rock and roll songs — more than 70 all told, and more than half of them master recordings from the original artists. Songs like “Barracuda” from Heart, “Even Flow” from Pearl Jam,” “La Grange” by ZZ Top, “Sabotage” by Beastie Boys and “Rock You Like a Hurricane” by The Scorpions have been included.

The game features a cast of thirteen playable characters, including some that have returned from previous installments of the game, which heretofore had been only made for game consoles. Players can unlock new characters and play music at new venues as they play better and better and amass more points.

Besides the new music and key changes to gameplay features to Guitar Hero III is a new “battle mode” that lets you and another player (online, cross-compatible between Mac and PC) compete, along with new “Boss” modes that pit you against talented computer-controlled guitarists.

Mac and PC versions will ship in a hybrid box, bundled with the USB guitar peripheral. Further details, such as system requirements, are yet to be announced.

Aspyr’s Web site had not been updated with information about Guitar Hero III as Macworld posted this article.

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