New VMware Fusion beta adds DirectX 9 support

VMware has introduced a new beta version of Fusion, its virtualization software for Intel-based Macs that lets Macs running Windows and other operating systems without having to reboot first.

Fusion 1.1 beta introduces new “experimental” support for DirectX 9.0 3D graphics. This enables the software to run more Windows 3D applications and games, though it’s important to note that it does so without 3D shader support — games that require DirectX 9.0a, 9.0b or 9.0c shaders won’t operate.

Also new in this release, the iPhone will sync with Outlook in Windows virtual machines. And VMware has improved Unity, its technology that enables you to switch between Mac and Windows applications using Mac OS X’s Exposé feature, drag and drop files between Windows and the Mac and more. Improvements include the option to show or hide the Windows task bar and Start menu in the View menu, improved support for Windows Vista 32 and 64-bit editions, improved support for Windows XP 64-bit edition and other changes.

VMware has also improved support for Mac OS X Leopard, improved Boot Camp partition detection, supports the Apple keyboard’s Eject key and fixes a variety of bugs. More details are available from VMware’s Web site.

This story, "New VMware Fusion beta adds DirectX 9 support" was originally published by PCWorld.

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