Bridge Construction Set goes Universal

Chronic Logic has announced the release of a Universal binary version of its game and physics simulation Bridge Construction Set. The new 1.36 release is now available for download. Bridge Construction Set costs $!9.95 to register, and a free demo is also available for download.

Bridge Construction Set lets you design and build bridges on your Mac and then “stress test” them to see how well they hold up under pressure. Will your bridge hold up when traffic passes through it, or will it collapse, sending vehicles plummeting to the waters of the rushing river below?

You can build suspension bridges, drawbridges, multi-level train bridges and automobile bridges, and much more, all in a 3D environment.

System requirements call for a G3/500MHz or faster and an OpenGL-compatible 3D graphics system.

This story, "Bridge Construction Set goes Universal" was originally published by PCWorld.

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