Inside Leopard: Macworld's OS X 10.5 preview

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Inside Leopard: Macworld's OS X 10.5 preview


OS X 10.5—also known as Leopard—has been a long time in the making.

Apple first unveiled the successor to Tiger in August 2006 at its Worldwide Developers Conference. Then, its original spring 2007 ship date was pushed back to October as Apple directed its resources towards getting the equally-anticipated iPhone on the shelves.

October has arrived, and so has Leopard. And it’s one of the most significant upgrades to Apple’s Unix-based operating systems in many years.

We’ve had a chance to use Leopard, to explore its new features and returning favorites, and we’re ready to report on what you’ll find in OS X 10.5. Each of the following articles explores different elements of the new OS—from new features like Time Machine and Spaces to under-the-hood changes to Terminal. We’ll tell you what’s new, what’s improved, and whether Leopard lives up to hype.

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