Leopard and the missing widget

Reader Mike Zeyen is suddenly widget-less and he wonders why. He writes:

After updating to Leopard my widgets disappeared. I checked around and it sounds like it’s a common problem. Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.

Good timing, Mike. I recently recorded a couple of Leopard training titles for Lynda.com and when attempting to demonstrate Safari’s Web Clip feature for one of the videos I dutifully clicked the Web Clip button, selected some text on a webpage, clicked Add and… nothing.

Moving to the Finder I pressed F12 to produce Dashboard and while the screen dimmed down and the large Plus button appeared in the bottom-left corner of the Mac’s screen, no widgets were in evidence. Clicking that Plus button I attempted to launch some widgets. No go.

I was in the enviable position of having altered my Mac very little since installing Leopard. Widgets had worked the day before. What had I changed since then?

Then it dawned on me. To demonstrate accounts and Leopard’s new Parental Controls system preference I’d created an account managed by parental controls. Although I wasn’t logged into that account, its creation and the disappearance of widgets seemed to coincide.

I logged into the controlled account and logged back out. That did the trick. Widgets were back.

Anyone else missing widgets who hasn’t set up a parentally controlled account?

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