Glide Crunch spreadsheet software released

Transmedia has announced the release of Glide Crunch for Mac OS X. It’s a spreadsheet application offered for users of the company’s Glide service and software. There’s no additional charge to use Glide Crunch, though users will need to have a Glide account. A basic account with 2GB of storage is free; Glide costs $5 per month or $49.95 per year for additional storage.

Glide is a file synchronization and transcoding service that enables you to synchronize all of your files online — music, photos, video, documents, contacts, calendars and bookmarks. The software can be set up to automatically download files periodically. What’s more, Glide offers transcoding capabilities, so you can view those files on devices remotely without having to worry about having the right codecs or applications installed. It works with the iPhone and other mobile devices, including Palm Treo, Motorola RAZR and RIM BlackBerry. Glide presently supports more than 200 file formats.

Glide Crunch is the first in a suite of productivity applications that actually run locally on your computer. It’s a collaborative spreadsheet application that’s designed to be cross-platform compatible. Spreadsheet files created using Glide Crunch are automatically saved and synced on your local hard drive and your online Glide account, so you can access them whenever you want, from whatever device you want.

Glide Crunch is being offered as a beta version, but it already has basic table formatting features and a variety of functions and formulas built in, along with formatting and editing capabilities, video, audio and other file insertion, data manipulation capabilities and more. An update planned for Dec. 3rd will add many new features like table pivoting, XLS/XLSX import and export and HTML export.

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