PhotoVu updates digital frames for Leopard

PhotoVu has announced a new software release for their line of digital photo frames that introduces Leopard compatibility and other improvements. It's af ree update for existing PhotoVu digital picture frame users.

PhotoVu makes digital picture frames in a variety of sizes. The company offers custom matting and framing so you can create a digital picture frame to suit any decor. The system incorporates hardware that enables you to copy digital photos from a camera and place them into the digital picture frame's memory. They work without a computer having to be tethered to the device; the frames sport USB input, for example, and are Ethernet and Wi-Fi equipped so you can connect remotely to a computer over the Internet. They also support Apple's iPhoto software, Google Picasa and RSS feeds as sources for photos.

The new update now supports Macs equipped with Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard." What's more, PhotoVu has updated the software to work with iPhoto v7 digital photo libraries. It supports new features including Events. The software also has small bug fixes and enhancements, updated help and some changes to the user interface.

One new feature of iPhoto 7 is the ability to publish slideshows of photos to the Web using .Mac -- a feature called .Mac Web Gallery. PhotoVu's software update now supports the RSS feeds produced by .Mac Web Galleries, making it possible for you to set up your PhotoVu frame to subscribe to picture you post using that technology.

If you have a PhotoVu frame and you'd like the latest software update, you can download it online.

This story, "PhotoVu updates digital frames for Leopard" was originally published by PCWorld.

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