A large chunk of my daily duties at Macworld involves keeping an eye peeled for Mac Gems—low-cost software that delivers powerful functionality. In this video, I profile one of my favorite gems—St. Clair Software’s Default Folder X, which is getting an update later this month.

I’ll show you what to expect from Default Folder X 4, which, in addition to Leopard compatibility, also offers a new interface and some great new features.

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Show Notes

Yes, Default Folder X 4 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5, but I’m sure the folks at St. Clair Software would also like to note that version 3.0.6 also works with Leopard.

Speaking of version 3, we profiled Default Folder X in our 2006 round-up of great low-cost Mac software in an installment on system enhancement and troubleshooting apps.

You can track the progress of Default Folder X 4 at St. Clair Software’s weblog. ( This entry, in particular, will give you a sense of the software’s updated look-and-feel .

And of course, for regular reports on low-cost software, visit the Mac Gems weblog.

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