Penumbra: Overture horror adventure game released

Frictional Games has announced the release of Penumbra: Overture for the Macintosh. A demo is available for download; the full game costs $19.99.

A first person adventure game, Penumbra: Overture follows the story of Philip, who receives a letter from a dead man -- his own father. To solve the mystery, he must travel to Greenland and far beyond. The game eschews splatter and gore-style horror for horror of a more psychological bent. Penumbra: Overture features puzzles along with some combat, wrapped around a physics engine that enables you to interact with objects and use them in a more natural way than other games, according to the developers.

The game originally started life as a demo in 2006 and was released for Windows in 2007. Penumbra's developers were hoping for a Mac release earlier, but those plans fell through as this was their first Mac effort and they got hung up on some technical problems that took them a while to work through. They plan to continue Mac support with the game's sequel, Penumbra: Black Plague, due out sometime in 2008.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.4 or later, 1.5GHz or faster processor, 512MB RAM, 300MB hard disk space (for demo), Radeon 9600 or GeForce 4 Ti or better 3D graphics.

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