PBS adds iTunes U content

Apple's iTunes U offerings have expanded this week with new content from the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) network and PBS affiliate stations, including KQED in San Francisco and WGBH in Boston.

iTunes U is a dedicated area on the iTunes Store that offers users educational content. iTunes U provides institutions of higher education a way of providing students and others with audio and video content -- everything from presentations to lectures, debates, archival footage and more. Because it's based in iTunes, the content is simple to download to a PC or Mac and to transfer to an iPod or iPhone. And Apple provides institutions with a method for uploading content they create and building their own iTunes U sites.

PBS' new area on iTunes U includes teaching content, such as K-12 teachers' classroom resources organized by content like Earth and Space Science and Engineering; content on global history in regions including Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East; series including Ken Burns' The War and The Jewish Americans; and QUEST: Science and Nature.

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