See all data when printing Safari 3 forms

One of the new features in Safari 3 is the ability to resize text input boxes—like the one that appears below this article, where you can enter comments praising my knowledge, humor, and mastery of language the English. In all seriousness, this is a very useful feature, as input boxes on many sites are simply too small to see more than a few lines of what you’re typing.

To resize a text input box, just grab its lower right corner and drag, as if you were resizing a window in any other application. Bingo, now you can see everything you’re typing. Not much of a hint, I know, as it’s pretty obvious from the resize indicator in that lower right corner that text input boxes can be expanded.

But here’s the hint… you can use this same trick when printing forms to make your input fields readable on the printout. Just expand each input box so that it’s large enough to reveal everything you typed. Then tell Safari to print the form. The output—whether you save to a PDF or print to a printer—will include your expanded boxes, so you’ve got a complete record of everything you filled in on the form.

Not a huge hint, but if you like to keep archival copies of important forms, you can now make sure those copies show all the data you provided.

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