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Which browser is right for you?

If you’re looking for an all-around browser, you can’t go wrong with programs like Safari and OmniWeb. But for certain tasks, you may be better served by a browser that’s more specialized.

Blogging and Social Networking: Flock If you spend tons of time writing blog entries and using sites like Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter, you’ll appreciate Flock’s convenient integration with these and many other tools. For instance, you can scan your friends’ Facebook updates, see who has commented on your latest Flickr photoset, or submit a blog posting without having to visit the site.

Tinkering: Firefox When it comes to customizability—from tweaking the browser’s look-and-feel to adding brand-new capabilities—Firefox is tops. With hundreds of extensions to choose from, you can add everything from Web development tools to fun games like the Quiz Addicts’ Toolbar, which displays an ongoing series of trivia questions.

Research: DevonAgent Several browsers offer customizable search engines, but not one comes close to the level of detail offered by DevonAgent. When you need to scour every last corner of the Web for research or for some obscure piece of information, this is the best tool for the job.

Cross-Platform Browsing: Opera Sure, Firefox is available in Mac, Linux, and Windows versions, but Opera will also run on obscure systems like OS/2 and BeOS, and even comes in mobile versions for smart phones such as the Treo and BlackBerry. If you want consistent browsing across all your devices, try Opera.

[Joe Kissell is the senior editor of TidBits and the author of numerous e-books about Mac OS X.]

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