Futura laptop desks come in colors

LapWorks has introduced colored versions of its Laptop Desk Futura laptop coolers. They cost $49.95 each.

The Futura unfolds and is designed to provide a solid surface to rest your laptop on instead of your legs. It measures 10 3/4-inches when folded and unfolds to 21 inches for lap use. You can also fold it into a wedge-shaped stand to use at a desk. The increased distance between the laptop and your legs or a desk help to improve laptop cooling, according to LapWorks.

Originally available in gun metal grey, the Future is now available in red, blue, pink and teal, along with colored patterns — leopard, desert camo, jungle camo and red marble.

Customers can choose a matt or semi-gloss finish, black or translucent rubber pads.

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