FrankenMac in the Lab

Of all the stories we’ve published at Macworld in recent weeks, few have generated as much feedback as Rob Griffiths’ attempt to build his own Mac. Because of that interest—and because Rob shipped the machine he’s dubbed FrankenMac to Macworld Lab so that we can run some definitive benchmark testing—I thought I would take you on a visual tour of the FrankenMac in this Macworld Video.

I’m joined by Lab director James Galbraith, who acts as our tour guide into the inner workings of the do-it-yourself machine. We talk briefly about its performance and some of its peculiarities.

Download Macworld Video #48

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  • Length: 3 minutes, 35 seconds

Show Notes

We’ll post the results of our performance testing for Rob’s machine at next week. And as an intellectual exercise, we’ve also ordered an Open Computer, the PC which manufacturer Psystar claims can run OS X. Once that machine arrives—and Psystar has had its share of twists and turns since revealing plans to sell its Mac clone—we’ll post more details at

Rob talked with Christopher Breen about the FrankenMac project in this week’s Macworld Podcast.

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