Whether we're covering a live keynote or writing a magazine cover story, or anything in between, we write a lot of stuff here at Macworld. In this video, I give you a quick peek at the many Mac-based writing tools we use to publish our web site and magazine.

Whether you're a blogger or journalist or novelist, we hope you'll find some ideas about tools you might want to take for a spin the next time you're warming up those fingers and sitting down at the keyboard.

Products showcased in this video are:

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Show Notes

Also mentioned in passing in this video are:

We've reviewed Scrivener, Ulysses, BBEdit, Word, TextExpander, and SubEthaEdit.

I didn't mention StoryMill by Mariner Software, but I have been fiddling with it a bit, too, and it's an interesting novel tool.

My dog makes a surprise cameo appearance in the background. Her name is Ruby, and she's nine years old. We adopted her as a puppy at the San Francisco SPCA.

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