Acrobat 9 features native Flash support

Adobe Systems on Monday introduce Acrobat 9, a new version of its PDF creation software due out in July for Mac OS X and Windows. The company plans to release Acrobat 9 Pro for Mac OS X for $449, with upgrades priced at $159.

Acrobat 9 will feature native support for Adobe Flash, so PDF documents — readable with Adobe Reader 9 — will be able to include Flash video and other multimedia content.

Also new in this release is support for “PDF Portfolios” — one compressed PDF file that contains multiple media types, such as documents, video, audio and 3D content. Acrobat 9 will enable users to collaborate live with one another using Adobe’s recently introduced service, where users can also store and share files, use as a central area for storing forms and connect to other Adobe services like ConnectNow, Adobe’s personal Web conferencing software, and Adobe Buzzword, a Web-based word processor.

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