The Portable Office

The Portable Office

These days, many of us are spending less time at the office.

It’s not that we’re working less; in fact, it’s just the opposite. Thanks to laptops, e-mail, and ubiquitous Internet access, we can stay on the job 24-7 no matter where we happen to be.

To help you cope with that new reality, we offer the following tips and tricks for the mobile work style. We asked Glenn Fleishman to compare the latest cellular data services, which can deliver broadband-like speeds to your laptop wirelessly almost anywhere you can use a cell phone.

We asked Gina Trapani, editor of the Lifehacker productivity blog, to explain how she and her coworkers—who are scattered all over the United States in what Gina calls the “placeless office”—use Web-based services to communicate and collaborate.

Finally, we asked you, the Macworld reader, to tell us about the worst things that ever happened to you and your Mac on the road, and what you learned as a result. Some of your answers were horrifying; all, we hope, are instructive.

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