Expo: EazyDraw 3 vector-drawing app coming

Dekorra Optics will release a new version of its OS X-only vector drawing app, EazyDraw, at next week’s Macworld Conference & Expo, the company said on Friday.

The new version includes efficiency-boosting features such as an attributes mini-toolbar and a drawing/floating interactive morph panel. The company said it added other features, such as a centered "canvas" style work space, after receiving requests from former Canvas users.

The company also said the application is easier to use for non-architectural users, who should be able to create a floor plan with professional touches (detailed walls, automatic dimensions, and so on) all drawn accurately to scale.

EazyDraw 3 also includes several user interface enhancements. For example, there are new buttons and icons, as well as new integrated project-style drawing managers replacing the old Aqua-style drawers.

EazyDraw 3 will be available on January 6, 2009. Pricing for the new version was not available at the time this story posted, but version 2.7 costs $95 as a download.

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