Only at Expo: Aches be gone!

Despite Apple’s claim that Apple Retail Stores traffic adds up to 100 Macworlds a week there is no way that Apple Stores can truly replace Macworld Expo. I’ll be writing a brief (mercifully brief, luckily) series of posts highlighting things that you can only get at Expo (hence the clever title).

First up: cures for what ails you. No matter what tradeshow you’re attending, chances are somewhere on the show floor is a booth where you can get a massage or acu-therapy (whatever that is) that promises to take way backaches, migraines, and all sorts of the problems that convention attendees are subject too. [Yet I noticed a distinct lack of any psychological counseling for the fact that this is Apple's last expo; perhaps a niche to be exploited. —DM]

Now, I might be wrong but the last time I was at an Apple Store no one offered to help get rid of my headache, or relieve my stress. Only at Expo!

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