Undercover theft retrieval software gets location tracking

Orbicule has announced Undercover 3, a major new release of its theft-recovery software for Mac OS X. It costs $49.

Undercover helps you recover your Mac in the event that it’s stolen. It transmits data to a server system it connects to online, including screenshots from the stolen Mac to help reveal the thief’s identity; and activating the laptop’s built-in iSight webcam to snap “mugshots” of the perpetrator in action. Undercover also simulates a hardware failure on the Mac, which may encourage the thief to bring the system into a Mac dealer for repair (and, hopefully, ultimate recovery).

New to the 3.0 release is the integration of Wi-Fi positioning, software Orbicule has licensed from Skyhook Wireless. With the addition of the Skyhook technology, Undercover 3 can now transmit network information to give you a better idea of where your missing Mac actually is.

System requirements call for Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

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